Yes, so that person on the right is me....I know...but I cannot do  anything about that either. Clearly genetics was not in my favour, and epigenetics did not help along the way.  C’est la vie.   I am a Reader in Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Bristol, and work primarily on alcohol-related harms as well as on studies investigating the effect of exposure to chemicals in the occupational and general environment on human health; most notably  does related to radiation. My University webpage will further tell you that I have a special interest in the measurement, assessment and modelling of human exposures as well as in the statistical, including Bayesian, methodologies for epidemiology and exposure assessment. That is all true.   Currently I have over 80 peer-reviewed publication and I have written  several book chapters. In other words, I have more publications than  some people and I have less publications than other people. Basically,  like almost everyone else in research (regardless of whether we  assume this has a normal or a lognormal distribution). So yes, I do public health (and work on alcohol-related harms as well). That is one of the reasons that caused this website to appear. I am not holier than the pope himself, and I do drink alcohol. What can I say, I play a team sports, so it happens. I don’t smoke though....that would just be daft.  I generally aim to not inhale carcinogens, yet I do feel the need to  specifically point out that I don’t smoke tobacco. Curious that,  because I do not feel pressed to point out that I don’t like inhaling  asbestos either, or exhaust fumes. If you are interested in public health too, I can probably anticipate  your next question. “Where do you stand on e-cigarettes”.......ah well  that will be covered on this blog in due course. Once I feel I know  more about the subject than I currently do (Having said that, this is  written on a sunny terrace in Brussels and the cigarette smoke of my  neighbours is pretty annoying.......). This website grew out of a blog I have been running for four years  (OEHScience; links to all articles are available on this site), and which  although relatively irrelevant in the world of the web still attracts  over 500 people per month. I enjoy doing that, so decided to make it  all bigger, better, and visually more attractive. You are looking at that  now. If you want to get in touch you can do that through this website or  through twitter. Alternatively, there are not that many people with my  last name in England. I’d very much appreciate the feedback, and  particularly favour positive or at least constructive feedback....
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