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The Mesmerist (6.5/10)

In the summer of 1837, a French visitor -  the self-styled Baron Jules Denis Dupotet -  arrived in London to promote an exotic  new idea: mesmerism. 

August ‘18 Probably time to

bury it...

I have now looked at the various wild claims thrown around by the same author about effects of low dose radiation and a so-called bi-phasic dose- response association, and have only found errors in the data, problems with the statistical and epidemiological analyses, problems with the inferences made, unsupported wild claims about enormous risks ignored by “the establishment”, and now also actual clear evidence of scientific misconduct.

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A Wry look at dry January As a native Scot hailing from West of Glasgow, the concept of a “dry January” always seemed like a  far-off ideal! And that was well before ‘dry’ had any association with abstention from alcohol. 
July 2019. The impact of the Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) in Scotland . A couple of weeks ago the new update of alcohol sales  data in Scotland were released. This provided a first  opportunity to see whether the introduction of ‘Minimum  Unit Pricing’ (MUP) in Scotland in May 1 2018 has had any  impact on sales at all. 
February 2019. The costs of Brexit to September 2018. John Springford from the Centre for European  Reform on January 27 (2019) conducted  quantitative analyses providing convincing  evidence that the UK economy is 2.3 percent  smaller than it would have been had the UK  voted to remain in the European Union. This 2.3%  equates to a knock-on cost to the public finances of £17 billion per annum, or £320 million a week.  Stick that on the side of a bus ! Anyway, I don’t know much about economics, but the method used is that of comparing the  economy of the UK to a synthetic one based on  trends in other countries to create a  counterfactual, and I have done that before.  John Springford was kind enough to provide the  data he used, so I had a go myself. Just for fun.  So see what happened...
Welcome to “The Fun Police”. This blog  and website grew out of the OEHScience  academic blog I have been running for the  past four years. The articles on here grow out of my daily  academic work in epidemiology, exposure  assessment and public health; just with a  bit of a spin. As such, you fill find this  website to be completely biased,  unrepresentative of any topic or academic  discipline, and basically just a reflection  of my interests. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless, and I  welcome any feedback.....  Frank  
Serving the community with a smile.......... a Public Healthy kind of way
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Book Review

Populism (9/10)

"If you read no other political book this year,  read THE POPULIST EXPLOSION by John B.  Judis, which brilliantly sets out the connection  to present circumstances."
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