Welcome to “The Fun Police”. This blog  and website grew out of the OEHScience  academic blog I have been running for the  past four years. The articles on here grow out of my daily  academic work in epidemiology, exposure  assessment and public health; just with a  bit of a spin. As such, you fill find this  website to be completely biased,  unrepresentative of any topic or academic  discipline, and basically just a reflection  of my interests. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless, and I  welcome any feedback.....  Frank  
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11/12 Social 

Epidemiology: Oy vey…

I recall a scene from Motl, Peysi the 

Cantor's Son in which a character 

transplanted to America must tell who he 

is, starting with the story of his 

grandparents, in expression of the belief 

that he – as a person – can only be 

understood through his social context. To 

me, this is a shining statement that social 

forces mould our lives. We are who we are 

because of community forces that shaped 


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 17/02 A Spy Novel by a modern-day 

Franz Anton Mesmer (and a bit about

low-level radiation)…

So a couple of months ago I attended a meeting to do with  whether childhood leukemia incidence in the vicinity of nuclear  power stations could be related to radiation exposure or, well,  not… Unfortunately, the meeting got somewhat hijacked by a  well-known (relatively speaking, in certain circles) campaigner. 
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2016. Slinging mud at El Diablo

The paper is entitled “Is there Evidence of  Adverse Health Effects Near US Nuclear  Installations? Infant Mortality in Coastal  Communities near The Diablo Canyon Nuclear  Power Station in California, 1989-2012”.  
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2015. The Story that wasn’t one

I was asked last week by Sense about Science to  comment on a paper that was recently published in  something called Jacobs Journal of Epidemiology  and Preventive Medicine. It was about a paper by Busby and de Messieres   entitled ‘Cancer near Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power  Station in Wales, UK: A Cross-Sectional Cohort  Study” a 
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